Círculos: A Healing Space

Our Pathways to Success program has three different components: Truancy Prevention, Parental Engagement, and Life Skills Development. Our Healing Círculos is where we focus on the latter, and a Círculos Facilitator is essential to the impact that the Latino Center wants to have on youth in our community. Ollín is our group for young men and Xochikalli for young women. The 16 week curriculum covers things such as healthy relationships, substance abuse prevention, goal setting, and other essential skills not taught in the classroom.

2021 is a year of growth at the Latino Center and we are currently hiring for the Círculos Facilitator position. The individual who steps into this role will have a big impact on youth in our community. They will be an important part of a team of professionals whose aim is to increase youth and parental engagement in order to realize positive and lasting outcomes for young people in our community. Learn more about the work we are doing with the video above and be sure to visit our Pathways to Success page.