New Focus, New Name

Community Service and Technical Assistance (CSTA) becomes

Family & Community Well-Being (FCW)

Omaha, Neb., December 31, 2018 — The Latino Center of the Midlands (LCM) is changing the name and focus of their Community Service and Technical Assistance (CSTA) program to Family & Community Well-Being (FCW). Along with a new name, FCW will have new programming that will address stress management, nutrition education, and physical education. These three areas were the top three needs identified in a client survey that was conducted last Fall. The programming will include health promotion, connections to physical and behavioral health resources, and education on access to nutrition and general health resources. FCW is focusing on the mental, physical, and overall well-being of the community while still providing intake and referrals like CSTA did. Although intake and referrals will still be included under FCW, it will be a more robust process that will link community members to high-quality resources in the Center and throughout the Omaha Metro. New programming will begin in the next few months, and the LCM hopes this change will be able to fulfill the needs of the people they serve.