Omaha, Neb., March 10, 2017—Latino Center of the Midlands is pleased to announce that a new partnership with Heartland Workforce Solutions will provide creative strategies and services to the workforce of the South Omaha community.

Heartland Workforce Solutions (HWS) has expanded their reach in the South Omaha community by making their services available at the Latino Center of the Midlands (LCM). Individuals and families served by the LCM now have access to a vast array of workshops and tutorials to search for jobs, write a resume, and prepare for job interviews, as well as opportunities to attend career exploration and networking tours and job fairs.

Located in the heart of South Omaha, the Latino Center of the Midlands is one of the oldest and most respected Latino-serving community-based organizations in Nebraska. The LCM’s focus areas include promoting education, providing educational support services in public schools, and advocating for individuals and families in need. An Open House was held on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at the LCM to introduce the community to HWS’ new South Omaha location.

“Our Adult Basic Education Program has created a pathway starting from a very foundational level to other opportunities. Nonetheless, we found that we still needed to work to create a strong bridge between basic education and higher education and improved employability,” said Albert Varas, Executive Director of the Latino Center of the Midlands.  “We are very pleased to work with Heartland Workforce Solutions as this partnership allows us to more easily refer our clients to training opportunities to improve their prospects at work,” said Varas.

As a collective impact organization, the mission of Heartland Workforce Solutions is to promote and develop a workforce system that is responsive to the needs of business and career seekers resulting in economic prosperity.  “Heartland Workforce Solutions is proud to locate services in the Latino Center of the Midlands.  People living in some areas of South Omaha are served best with bilingual career service providers for career assessments, resumes, workshops, job search, etc.,” said Erin Porterfield, Executive Director of Heartland Workforce Solutions.  “Employers recognize the value of a diverse workforce and experience the benefits of Spanish speaking employees,” said Porterfield.

Heartland Workforce Solutions locates their services nearest to people living in areas of higher unemployment and poverty.  Its principal office is located at 5752 Ames Street in Omaha.  Some programming has eligibility criteria, but most services offered by HWS are available to all people seeking careers.

 About Latino Center of the Midlands:

Initially called the Chicano Awareness Center, the vision of the Latino Center of the Midlands is to empower youth and families through education and awareness to build a stronger and more engaged community. Our program areas include Adult Basic Education, Community Services and Technical Assistance, and Pathways to Success. The Latino Center of the Midlands relies on the generosity of individual donors, corporate sponsors, private foundations and government grants to provide these programs and services in the community.  To learn more, visit us online at and follow us on social media via FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.