Adult Basic Education

While our office is closed, we have transitioned to online classes. Check out our Aprendizaje en Línea page!

Adult Basic Education (ABE) provides accessible, high-quality educational programs to help community members overcome communication, education, and employment barriers and achieve a higher quality of life.

Clients Served in 2017-18
Estimated Clients Served in 2018-19

Did You Know

ABE currently provides adult basic education programs at:

  • Field Club Elementary
  • Gomez Heritage Elementary
  • The Kroc Center
  • Completely Kids

These courses are highly interactive and provide hands-on experience where appropriate.

Adult Basic Education provides the following courses in Spanish for the community:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL): Students will learn to read, write, and communicate the English language through written, oral and situational experiences.

    • Level One and Level Two
  • Basic Literacy: Students will learn to read and write in their native language, Spanish, through consistent practice in the classroom.

  • Computer and Media Literacy: Students will learn and expand on basic skills needed for the use of computers, smartphones, and other technology.

  • GED (General Education Diploma): Students will learn and develop their reading, writing, and math skills in preparation for the GED exam.

  • Pre-GED: Students will refresh their knowledge on basic educational skills in preparation for the GED course.

    • Aiming to develop reading, writing, and math skills
  • Tutoring: Students will be provided with extra assistance if needed in order to help them succeed on the GED exam.

    • For GED Math and Computer
  • U.S. Citizenship Education and Preparation: Students will learn and discuss topics that will appear on the civics portion of the Citizenship interview. They will also be exposed to a mock interview and be provided assistance with filling out their request forms.

  • Workforce Development: Heartland Workforce Solutions

    • Career exploration through onsite visits
    • Assistance with job search and application forms
    • Assistance with unemployment benefits
    • Opportunities for partnership with youth and adults looking for career experiences based on their educational needs