Workforce Education and Innovation

Workforce Education and Innovation (WEI) strengthens Omaha’s bilingual and Latino workforce through educational initiatives and on the job training.

Students are currently enrolled in our ABE program.
Students graduated with their GED Diploma in 2019.

Did You Know

ABE currently provides adult basic education programs at Completely Kids. These courses are highly interactive and provide hands-on experience where appropriate.

Workforce Education and Innovation provides the following courses in Spanish for the community:

Adult Basic Education

English as a Second Language (ESL) — Students will learn to read, write, and communicate the English language through written, oral and situational experiences.
Basic Literacy — Students will learn to read and write in their native language, Spanish, through consistent practice in the classroom.
Computer and Media Literacy –Students will learn and expand on basic skills needed for the use of computers, smartphones, and other technology.
GED (General Education Diploma) — Students will learn and develop their reading, writing, and math skills in preparation for the GED exam.
Pre-GED — Students will refresh their knowledge on basic educational skills in preparation for the GED course.
U.S. Citizenship Education and Preparation — Students will learn and discuss topics that will appear on the civics portion of the Citizenship interview. They will also be exposed to a mock interview and be provided assistance with filling out their request forms.

Siembra Nebraska

Siembra Nebraska is an urban gardening internship that was developed in response to COVID-19. The program addresses 2 issues that arose from the pandemic — food insecurity and unemployment. Interns are offered a total immersion into food production, distribution, and project management.

Media Internship Program

Multimedia is one of the quickest growing fields, and the Latino Center hosts an internship program where students can learn valuable skills through experience. Interns learn the ins and outs of social media, content production, videography, public relations, and other communications skills.

Summer Internship Program

The summer internship program will place 30 Latino students in member businesses and organizations active in the Nebraska Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. It’s designed to expose students to different career paths and motivate them to continue education beyond high school. Professional development seminars will also help them further this goal.

Our Adult Basic Education program has implemented a hybrid learning model that involves students both in the classroom and at home.

Our new Job Skills Workshops provides our community with the resources, knowledge and skills to can help our students to get better jobs and/or improve their employment situation.