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The Latino Center of the Midlands is a place where being Latino, Latina, or Latinx is celebrated. We’re a community center where culture thrives; a place where the door is open to everyone. Our community comes from many different countries and we created this page to celebrate that diversity.

Cultural Spotlight

My family and I are from Morelia Michoacán de Ocampo Mexico. In my culture, hard work and optimism are important. Many of our families migrate to a new country driven by these values and a desire for a brighter future among other things. While there are numerous aspects of our culture I take pride in, such as our cuisine, music, customs, and traditions, I am especially proud of our resilience and adaptability, which is evident in our pursuit of better opportunities. Something unique I admire about our culture is the unique blends of modern technology alongside the traces of our indigenous roots. You can see these in cities and towns across the country, such as downtown Morelia.


Elmer Gonzalez

Student Advocate


Playlist Spotlight

The perfect soundtrack for your beautifully messy emotions. 💞

Sayings and Slang


En cien años todos seremos calvos – In a hundred years we will all be bald

Don’t waste time stressing about the little things.

A mal tiempo buena cara – Put on a brave face
(Puerto Rico)

Don’t be discouraged when there are setbacks or difficult moments.

A los locos hay que darles siempre la razón – Crazy people are always right

Time should not be wasted arguing with irrational people.

Conflei – Cornflakes (Spanglish)

Most of our staff are bilingual, and at our office, you’ll hear a variety of Spanglish words. Conflei is the Spanglish word for Cornflakes. 

I craving some conflei for breakfast!


Selena Quintanilla – Tejano Singer

Born in 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas, Selena Quintanilla began performing Tejano music with her Mexican-American family across Texas. Rising to stardom in her teens, she became known as the “Queen of Tejano,” popularizing Latin music nationwide. Her album “Selena Live!” won a Grammy in 1994, marking her as the first Tejano artist to receive this honor. Her album “Dreaming of You” made history by placing five Spanish albums simultaneously on the Billboard 200. Selena’s legacy lives on through musical tributes and families who name daughters after her.

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