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The Latino Center of the Midlands is a place where being Latino, Latina, or Latinx is celebrated. We’re a community center where culture thrives; a place where the door is open to everyone. Our community comes from many different countries and we created this page to celebrate that diversity.

Cultural Spotlight

 As a first-generation Chicana from Omaha, Nebraska, with parents originating from Jalisco, Mexico, I take great pride in the music of my culture. From a young age, my household was filled with the rich sounds of rancheras, banda, and romanticas, and these tunes continue to resonate with me to this day. As I look to the future, I hope to pass on this cherished musical tradition to my own children, ensuring that the rhythms and melodies of our heritage endure for generations to come.


Lizbeth Hermosillo- Najar

Development Specialist

Playlist Spotlight

Celebrate Women’s History month with these empowering songs by empowering women.

Sayings and Slang


¡Ponerse las pilas! – Step it up (Mexico)

Unlike the English phrase “to recharge your batteries,” this phrase doesn’t mean to relax, but the opposite. Ponerse las pilas means to get some energy going, to step it up.

Chévere –  Cool (Latin America)

Most countries have different ways of saying “cool.” Chévere is pretty universal in many Latin American countries.

¡Nos pillamos! – See you soon! (Cuban)

Nos pillamos can be used for a parting “see you later,” as well as a synonym for seeing or meeting someone.


Lonche – Lunch (Spanglish) 

Most of our staff are bilingual, and at our office, you’ll hear a variety of Spanglish words. Lonche is another word for lunch. Let’s get lonche at Taqueria Tijuana!


Ellen Ochoa

After paving the way as the first Hispanic woman in the world to go into space in 1993, Ellen also became the first Hispanic director and second female director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas in 2013. In her words, “What everyone in the astronaut corps shares in common is not gender or ethnic background, but motivation, perseverance, and desire—the desire to participate in a voyage of discovery.” 

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