The mission of the Latino Center of the Midlands  is to enhance the lives of the Heartland Latino Community by supporting the education and development of our youth and adults; promoting comprehensive engagement of our families in all facets of their lives; and by fostering leadership through a variety of services and activities.

Statement of Work

From its humble beginnings over 45 years ago to today, the Latino Center of the Midlands has become a one of the most impactful Hispanic/Latino organizations in the Omaha Metro. The LCM will continue to serve and play a key role as Hispanics become the country’s largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority.

The Latino Center of the Midlands is recognized as a 501(c)(3).


The Latino Center of the Midlands, formerly the Chicano Awareness Center (CAC), was organized in 1971 to address concerns about the education of Chicano youth.

Members of Omaha’s Chicano community organized the CAC because Chicano students were demonstrating low levels of academic achievement, poor self-concept, and lack of awareness about their heritage.

The CAC was a small community center that offered classes for youth and adults in: Mexican Art, Mexican Music, Folkloric Dance, Spanish Language, and English Language.

As the organization grew, the mission and direction of the CAC began to adapt to the community’s needs.

The change would bring new programs, new community members, and a new name – the Latino Center of the Midlands (LCM). The adoption of a new name in 2008 would aim to be more inclusive, welcome Latinos from all nations and cultural heritage, and signify the start of a new era for the organization and community.

 Today, the Latino Center of the Midlands has evolved into a premier education and social service agency that provides assistance to the growing Latino population in the Omaha Metro.


The Latino Center of the Midlands aims to enhance lives by:

Promoting Employability 

    • Opportunities for higher education attainment 

    • Assistance in building essential employment skills and credentials 

    • Wrap around career services

Ensuring Student Success                                                  

  • Assistance in graduating from high school or obtaining a GED

  • Promote parental engagement with emphasis on reduced absenteeism & high school dropouts

Assisting Families with Cultural 
Transitions & General Well-Being

  • Opportunities for civic engagement

  • Availability of courses aimed to teach U.S. history and culture

  • Legal and immigration assistance

  • Technical assistance and social services that place families on a path to becoming successful and achieving their American dream


Albert Varas
Albert Varas Executive Director
Silvia Velez
Silvia Velez Director of Operations
Viridiana Almanza
Viridiana AlmanzaFCW Program Director
Carmen Chagolla
Carmen ChagollaP2S Sr. Program Manager


Dulce Sherman
Dulce ShermanPresident
Erin Van Zee
Erin Van ZeeVice President
Julissa Lara
Julissa LaraSecretary
Jack Round
Jack RoundTreasurer