Family and Community Well-Being

 Family and Community Well-Being (FCW) provides our clients the tools necessary to live a healthy, self-sufficient, and fulfilling life. We do this by directly interacting with the community, partnering with other organizations, and advocating on our community’s behalf.

How we Reach our Community

How we reach our community: We focus on one-on-one direct support, programming, and community-at-large workshops through our Health & Well-Being and Social Integration pillars.

Our Unique Approach

A reflection of and a direct connection to the Latino community
• We offer services in a language the community understands
• Our services are culturally appropriate and align with cultural norms

A Strong and extensive network
• We build awareness and serve as allies and advocates for the Latino community
• We help expand the Latino voice and perspective throughout our community

A Passion for and dedication to the Latino community
• Client-centered services – we take the time to identify what is needed, and work in partnership with the client to address their need(s)
• Our community can trust us as a reliable source of information, education and services within the Latino community

By the Numbers

Clients Served in 2020
Pantries, Hygiene Kits, and Mental Health Kits Distributed in 2020
At-Home Gardens Planted in 2020
Pounds of Produce Harvested in the 2020 Siembra Salud Growing Season

 Family and Community Well-Being (FCW) provides the following services to the community:

Health & Well-Being Pillar

Siembra Salud
Siembra Salud, or Grow Wellness, is an at-home gardening and health initiative that uses gardening as a catalyst to address comprehensive health and social needs. Trained staff address and improve access to affordable produce in the southeast Omaha community. They also provide education and training for families and community members to build, grow, and maintain their own culturally appropriate home gardens.

Club de Niños Saludables
Club de Niños Saludables, or Healthy Kids Club, focuses on preventing childhood obesity and promoting lifelong health in a fun and engaging way through nutrition education and physical activity. Activities include Zumba, yoga, healthy cooking demonstrations, and other workshops and activities.

Family Well-Being
Programming within the Family Well-Being program strengthens family relationships and supports parents by providing culturally appropriate education and enrichment opportunities through our Bilingual Reading Prime Time (in partnership with Nebraska Humanities) and Strengthening Families 10-14 programs, a parent education program that also engages children.

Additional Health and Wellness FCW Strategies
FCW enriches community health by offering culturally appropriate education, enrichment and on-sight health services. These include community resource and awareness campaigns and distributions, mammogram screenings, flu clinics, zumba and yoga classes, and our annual Women’s Health Conference.

Social Integration Pillar

Community System Support and Referrals
Community system support and referrals equips community members with the knowledge and skills required to navigate key systems and foster their connection to the community.
Access to legal and immigration consultations through partnerships with Immigrant Legal Center, Jason Finch & Associates, and the Law Office of Sylvia Rodriguez
Direct 1-1 Support: brief translation and/or interpretation of document(s), SNAP application, Dollar Energy Utility Assistance Program,
Referral Support: Referrals, community resources connection, and awareness to health care, government, legal, housing, social supports, pantry, and education. *Referrals done via Unite US referral system and networking.

*Direct support and referral services are strategically integrated into many Family & Community Wellbeing programs to facilitate wrap-around support.

Community System Support and Referrals
Ensures our community is civically engaged by practicing their right to vote, building awareness of issues impacting our community, and making sure their voices are heard.
• Voter registration, outreach, and awareness
Advocacy, Census, and GOTV educational presentations and trainings

Comunidades Fuertes
Comunidades Fuertes, or Strong Communities, bring community members and public representatives together to discuss, connect, and form better relationships through conversations and understanding of public services. Group conversations are held and resources are shared through six sessions with bilingual (Spanish-speaking) representatives from OPD, OFD, City of Omaha, MUD, Immigration attorney, and DHHS.