Family and Community Well-Being

Family and Community Well-Being (FCW) provides social service assistance and wellness education focused on nutrition, physical and mental well-being in the greater Omaha area through direct interaction with the community, partnering with organizations, and advocacy.

Clients Served in 2020
Face Masks and Hygeiene Kits Distributed in 2020

Did You Know

FCW works directly with ABE Citizenship courses to assure students have:

  • Access to N-400 forms
  • Information on fees and materials needed
  • Assistance filling out the extensive forms
  • Legal assistance with individual cases

Along with the access to materials and services, students are given the opportunity to participate in a mock citizenship interview.

Family and Community Well-Being provides the following services for the community:

Community Assistance
Providing resources for health, financial, and public services in the community
Assistance with accessing public assistance program and benefits
Assistance completing forms and making phone calls on an individual’s behalf
Referrals for basic needs and emergency assistance
Employment services and consultations
Access to legal and immigration consultations through partnerships with Immigrant Legal Center, Jason Finch & Associates, and the Law Office of Sylvia Rodriguez

Community Home Gardens
Trained staff help address and improve access to affordable produce in the southeast Omaha community by providing education and training for families and community members to learn to build, grow, and maintain their own backyard gardens. This project will also be a catalyst to address other social needs through community resource connections

Mindfulness & Physical Well-Being

Trained staff and instructors teach community members mindfulness techniques and strategies to reduce stress and improve wellness. Along with mindfulness practice, physical activity is offered to help address the stress of our community’s everyday lives.