Pathways to Success (P2S) cultivates leadership potential in students by improving school attendance, fostering pro-social interactions, and reestablishing family engagement.

Students served during 2019-2020 school year
Parents served during 2019-2020 school year
face-to-face interventions to address attendance barriers and set goals
contacts made with parent via meetings or phone calls to support their family

Did You Know

P2S is currently providing services at:

  • Marrs Middle School
  • Norris Middle School
  • Bellevue East High School
  • Bellevue West High School
  • Bryan High School
  • Omaha South High School
  • Ralston High School

Pathways to Success provides the following services and programs:

Attendance: School-Based Support

Student Advocates mentor youth in order to improve their attendance and academic performance. Through individualized case management, they prepare students for post-secondary education and career success.

Activities include:
◦ Access to after-school and summer programming

◦ Monthly personal and educational development workshops
◦ Career exploration, training, and job placement
◦ Referrals to resources within their school and community
◦ Access to post-secondary education and employment opportunities that may include resources regarding FAFSA, scholarships, and job referrals.

Talking Círculos

Our P2S program has two groups under this structure and philosophy:

Xochikalli — Leadership for Young Women
Ollin — Leadership for Young Men

Trained facilitators meet weekly with youth in a group setting to build a positive value system. Meetings are based on the philosophy that youth need other men and women, their family, and their community to care for, assist, heal, guide, and successfully prepare them for adulthood. 

Weekly sessions include:
◦ Conocimiento
◦ Defining Palabra
◦ Defining Adulthood
◦ Healthy Relationships
◦ Pregnancy and STI Prevention
◦ Substance Abuse Prevention
◦ Goal Setting/ Decision Making
◦ Defining Personal Identity
◦ Anger Management/ Violence Prevention

Parental Engagement

Our Family Strengthening Coach collaborates with Student Advocates to provide holistic services to students and their families. Student success requires family engagement, which is why we take a 2-generational approach in delivering our services.

Programming includes:
◦ Constant Communication with Parents
◦ Family Nights
◦ Referrals to Community and Educational Resources
Engagement through Cara y Corazón 

Cara y Corazón (Face and Heart)A family strengthening and leadership development program that maintains that at the base of every culture, community, and parent are resiliency factors that can be tapped to assist parents and family members to build positive, healthy relationships with their children and themselves.

Sessions include:
◦ Conocimiento
◦ My Family, My Heart
◦ Character Development
◦ Gifts and Baggage
◦ Values with Value
◦ Growing and Learning
◦ Parent and Teacher — The Purpose
◦ Tradition and Ceremony
◦ Getting to Know my Family Again