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January 27, 2022

Celebrating our students’ success

The second semester of our Adult Education program wrapped up with a student recognition night. The event was held to recognize students and teachers’ hard work and commitment in class over the course of the semester. Consistent attendance isn’t easy, especially with all the barriers that our students face.  

The Latino Center of the Midlands’ Workforce Education and Innovation department hosts 6 different classes: English, Literacy, Computer Skills, Pre-GED, GED, and Citizenship for the Omaha community. All of the classes are taught in Spanish. In the 2021 Fall semester, we had around 115 students who attended classes enough to receive a recognition certificate at the event. 

Students enjoy coming to the Latino Center because it is a diver, welcoming place and because their teachers are very supportive. Edgar Serrano, a Citizenship student, said, “I like the Latino Center because it is an inviting place for us Hispanics. In the classes they offer, teachers use effective methods so that we students can learn easily.” Other students expressed gratitude for the support that their teachers have given to them.

Francisco Juan Pedro, an ESL student, stated that teachers are very comprehensive in the classroom. “I like the Latino Center because in my English class, my teacher gives me the confidence to continue learning and also gives me the time I need to finish the activities we do in class.”  

At the end of the night, Edgar, Francisco, and many other students expressed gratitude and appreciation through a video to their teachers for everything they have made. Check it out below!

Congratulations students!


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